Loose vagina – Causes and possible treatments


In every relationship, it is everyone’s right to have great sex. However, there are several factors that can affect this. For men, some of them are experiencing erectile dysfunction. On the other hand, some women have a loose vagina, making it hard for them to please their partners in bed. Being in such a predicament may even be a cause of break ups. No wonder why a lot of females are looking for a way to resolve such a condition. Fortunately, there are effective methods to treat a slack vagina.

You can read the full article on the website for you to know the natural ways to tighten a vagina without resorting to vaginal plastic surgery. This includes home exercises and other non-surgical methods.

Loose vagina

What causes a loose vagina?

Giving birth

hgsahgsahgsaOne of the most common reasons for having a slack pussy is childbirth. Although the vagina has the ability to contract and expand, giving birth multiple times can still traumatize the vaginal walls and muscles. They tend to lose their elasticity, which prevents the vagina from bouncing back to its original size and shape.


Another factor that affects the tightness of a vagina is aging. As we all know, the estrogen levels of older women are gradually decreasing. As a result, the vaginal walls become weak.

How to treat a loose vagina?

When it comes to handling a loose vagina, you can either go for surgery, which, of course, is very expensive. Or, you can also take advantage of nonsurgical methods.

Vagina tightening cream or gel

You will find tons and tons of vaginal tightening creams and gel in the marketplace. And for sure, all of the brands are claiming to be the best in providing you with excellent results. But then, you have to be smart and careful because not everything that you can see on the advertisements are right. The reality is, some creams and gel work really good while some do not. So, before you purchase any product, make sure that you do your homework. Check the ingredients and potential side effects so you would know what to expect. It will also help if you check the background of the company behind the product.

Kegel exercises

shsahgsahgasasKegel exercises are the most popular form of workout to tighten a vagina. This particular exercise targets the pelvic floor muscles, making them stronger and tighter. If you execute this regularly, you will be able to bring your vagina back to its tight state.