The Secret Sisters – Record Store Day Grimey’s – Nashville – 19 April 2014

Hi everybody,
Yesterday the Secret Sisters performed at the Record Store Day at Grimey’s in Nashville.
Here is a photo of it. Looks great!
The album is nr. 4 in the Amazon USA Country Top 100 Albums List and nr. 15 in the General Top 100 Albums List.

The Secret Sisters - Revord Store Day Grimeys - Nashville - 18 April 2014

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The Secret Sisters – My review of “Put your needle down” and the charts

Hi everybody,
Here is my review of the “Put your needle down” album.
First of all it is a great album with strong songs. I love them all except “The Pocket Knife”.
“Rattle my bones” is a great opener of the album. Catchy rythm and strong band.
“Luka” is one of my favorites. The beginning gives a bit a feeling of a mystery. Then the girls take it away. The song is a bit melancholic.
“Dirty Lie” is also one of my favorites. This adaptation of the Bob Dylan song is amazing. It has a bluesy feeling about it and since I love blues I love this one.
“The Pocket Knife” doesn’t do anything for me. It is not a bad song, but it doesn’t grab me.
“Let there be lonely” is a lovely ballad.
“Black and Blue” is another up tempo song with a great rythm and melody.
“Lonely Island” is another lovely ballad. It gives me a bit of a Hawaian feeling.
“I cannot find a way” is one of my favorites too. The melody is great and stays in your head. The voices of the Sisters blend so well together in this one.
“If I don’t” is another catchy song. Love the guitar.
“Good luck, good night, goodbye” is a really great song with a good melody and a nice text. Another one that stays in your head after listening to it.
“Bad Habit” is definitely a favorite of me. Loved this song from the moment I heard it when the Sisters performed it in the Union Chapel in London. The harmony between the Sisters is great. It is a bit of a haunting song.
“River Jordan” is a good end of the album. I love the drums and the text.
All and all a great album!


The Secret Sisters


Then good news from the charts. The album is now at the 2th place in the Amazon USA Top 100 Country list and still climbing! Hopefully tomorrow at the first place!
In the Itunes Top 100 Albums list it is 56 now.


The Secret Sisters - Top 100 Country List Amazon USA


The Secret Sisters - Itunes - Top 100 Albums

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