The Secret Sisters

The Secret Sisters – More reviews and Photos of the tribute Concert for the Everly Brothers

Hi everybody,
Here are some more photos and reviews from the Tribute Concert for the Everly Brothers.

“The Secret Sisters from Muscle Shoals, Alabama emotions got the best of them when they came out on stage. They shed tears of joy!! The comparison to the Everly Brothers is well-earned. Their harmony is seemless and effortless. After “Lonely Island” the audience gave them a well deserved standing ovation.”


“The second family duo consisted of Muscle Shoals natives Laura and Lydia Rogers, known as the Secret Sisters, deeply rooted in traditional country, much like the Everly Brothers themselves. I’ve been a fan of the Secret Sisters for a few years now, and it was simply amazing to hear them do a stripped-down live set, their soothing voices joined only by an acoustic guitar as they crooned through “Lonely Island” and “On the Wings of a Nightingale.” If you’re an Everly Brothers fan and haven’t heard of these ladies before, I strongly encourage you to look them up, as the two groups’ styles are quite comparable.”

“We are nervous and have been anxiously anticipating this day for a long time” said Lydia Rogers of The Secret Sisters. Armed with only their voices and one guitar, Lydia and Laura performed a flawless version of the McCartney penned “On The Wings Of A Nightingale.”